Reference links for making the social network spaces of the future

For a while I've been thinking about and working on decentralized social networks as a better way for the internet to be. Here's some of the stuff I've been reading/writing during that process.


Why I'm excited about decentralized social networks (by Darius Kazemi) -- a very quick inro to the cool stuff about ActivityPub (the backbone of Hubzilla)

Run your own social (by Darius Kazemi) -- a longer intro to some social network philosophies, focusing on small networks with community norms and agency.


Figuring out how to host my own Fanzilla instance (by me) -- a liveblog that might someday be a guide

Figuring out how to administrate my Fanzilla instance (aka "So You Have A Fanzilla Instance Now: You Are Like Unto A God") (by me) -- a liveblog that might someday be a guide


Maybe to-read later