Current status of my grad school Beeminder goals

The Plan

  1. Finish ch 1 edits by Nov 22; circulate to the committee for a meeting in January
  2. Revise a rejected journal article and submit it to a new journal
  3. Make a Master Plan of experiments to run, and build a Trello to-do list of them
  4. Revise the other rejected journal article and submit it to another new journal
  5. Work my way through the experimentation trello to-do list, taking obsessive and voluminous notes
  6. Organize notes into chapters based on findings

Journal Articles


Tracks my publishing "input": time spent working on projects aimed at publication. This was on hold while I focused on the dissertation, but is now my main priority until February 2020.


Tracks my publishing "output". 1 point per peer-reviewed publication that I'd list on my CV: 0.1 point for a submission that could realistically lead to such a publication; 0.4 points upon revise-and-resubmit; remaining 0.5 once final manuscript is accepted.

How many tasks are left to do for both of the articles I'm revising:

Long-Term Dissertation Progress

These are longer-term dissertation goals, mostly with a deadline of August 2020. I'd like to have a complete rough draft by then, so all I have to do in my sixth year is revise (and maybe graduate in 5.5 years instead of 6).


Tracks changes to the GitHub repository where I'm drafting the dissertation, gathering data, etc. Goal is to work on the dissertation in some way every day until August 2020.


Tracks the current total word count of the entire dissertation draft. Goal is to have a complete rough draft by August 2020.


Tracks the submission of chapter rough drafts to my committee. Goal is to have rough drafts of 5 chapters by August 2020.


Tracks the total number of entries in my Works Consulted list. Goal is to have 700 citations by August 2020.


Tracks time spent working on the dissertation, as tracked in Toggl.

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