Current status of my dissertation-related Beeminder goals

How to read these images:

Summer progress

These are the goals focused on accomplishing the specific work I planned for this summer. The deadline for all of these goals is September 17 (when I need to turn in my progress report). To keep the scales all in sync with each other, the graphs all start on April 24 (the day I got back from Japan) even if I didn't make the goal until later.


Tracks completion of tasks on this Trello to-do list.


Tracks my progress reading Guillory's Cultural Capital.


Tracks time spent working on the dissertation, as tracked in Toggl. In June I spent only did 40 hours of work; I'd like to double this in July and August.


Tracks the number of times I start a dissertation work session by using my "workcycles" spreadsheet to plan my time efficiently. This goal is a little experimental; I'm hoping it will help me get the most benefit (in terms of todos) from the time I put in.

Trello summary

How many cards are left to do in each in-progress chapter.

Overall progress

These are longer-term dissertation goals, mostly with a deadline of August 2020. I'd like to have a complete rough draft by then, so all I have to do in my sixth year is revise (and maybe graduate in 5.5 years instead of 6).


Tracks changes to the GitHub repository where I'm drafting the dissertation, gathering data, etc. Goal is to work on the dissertation in some way every day until August 2020.


Tracks the current total word count of the entire dissertation draft. Goal is to have a complete rough draft by August 2020.


Tracks the submission of chapter rough drafts to my committee. Goal is to have rough drafts of 5 chapters by August 2020.


Tracks the total number of entries in my Works Consulted list. Goal is to have 700 citations by August 2020.